Kids now dress their Mothers, latest study reveals

26 Jul

Now this is interesting. Latest study by the Journal of Consumer Behaviour reveals that middle-aged moms tend to copy their teenage kids’ styles and the findings have already seen a host of illustrations from the celebrity world, such as Kate and Pippa Middleton and their mother.

More than that, I don’t think mothers wait for that long. Having kids is a great opportunity to look into new styles and experiment with clothes that would otherwise seem irrelevant. Having to pair up clothes for our offsprings and choose their own style does make us more flexible and receptive.  That probably would not extend to dressing in pink most of the time, but most parents would welcome  a fresh and young perspective.

Thumbs up for the trend, i can’t wait to see what fashion inspiration awaits me in the near future from the growing up generation.

K Cavallo



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