Yummy idea for a kid’s party: Balloon obsession

10 Aug

I love balloons!  You can do absolutely ANYTHING with them! Strike a pose with in front of a camera and pretend you are shooting the next DIOR perfume campaign. Make a sword to fight pirates – equally interesting idea for kids and grown ups. Cheer up a friend in hospital with a Get Well balloon or, for the extreme kind, tie a thousand and one balloon to your house to fly Up, Up and away!…

OR you can go with a classic idea and throw the greatest birthday party for your kid (or the kid within you), and here are a few ideas how…

Random Trivia from Wiki: Balloons were invented in 1824 by a English Chemist Michael Faraday. Apart from decorative purposes balloons are also used for practical purposes such as  meteorology, medical treatment, military defense, and transportation.

More balloon inspirations:  http://pinterest.com/duchamp/blow-me-away-with-helium/

More great crafts ideas:     http://www.marthastewart.com/crafts

Good luck and let us know how you got on!


One Response to “Yummy idea for a kid’s party: Balloon obsession”

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