Growing up – it’s a kid’s job.

23 Aug

Kids want to grow up as quickly as they can. They measure their height everyday, imitate older siblings, recite ‘when I grow up’ I want to be…’. Growing up is their daily hobby and a job and it has been the premise of good parenting to keep it that way. So what would happen if the kids loose the wait and just grow up overnight?

Nailpolish for toddlers, dressing up excessively, computer games, telephones and other guilty pleasures of the adult life were not part of the kids vocabularies or were heavily censored by public opinion and parents themselthes. Until recently, when consumer culture and evolving technology  started spiralling out at an unprecedented rate.

Vogue Paris have published a photoshoot (directed by the incredible Tom Ford), where youngsters as young as 6 were modelling latest fashions and world’s most desired jewellery. Scandalous? Yes. Immoral? Well… it’s not the clothes or jewellery that shock the eye, it’s the suggestive, provoking poses, taken straight out of the glossy pages. What shocks is the unnatural daring stare of the ‘grown up in a moment’ kids and the realisation of how much they have ‘skipped’.

My 3,5 year old comes back from the nursery and asks for her nails to be painted. She is also a big fan of the iPhones, iPads and other gadgets. Can i completely forbid it? Don’t think so.  But it can’t be completely ignored either.

It seems that the boundaries need to be redefined, in line with the ones that the adults of today find their own norm and it would be imperative to retain the notion of childhood in whatever the new found boundaries are.


One Response to “Growing up – it’s a kid’s job.”

  1. Earle Lasseter September 18, 2011 at 1:05 pm #

    Very useful post. Thank you for sharing.

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