Things to do in and around London with kids on a long rainy weekend.

30 Aug

As for any parent, who was not jetting off to an exotic holiday destination over the bank holiday and who had nothing planned either, the prospect of three days in rain in London, with two kids was slightly bewildering. But we have managed to have one of the best bank holidays ever. Here is how we got on:

IMAX 3D cinema at Science Museum has fantastic films for kids at all times during the day. We have chosen to watch Hubble – the space mission of the gigantic telescope. Both kids enjoyed the 3D effects and were trying to catch the star clouds and nebulas, which seemed 10cm away!

Gambado Playground was our next destination – all time favourite with kids of all ages. Bearable for parents if accompanied by a nice coffee (which you’ll have to sneak in). Boys especially love the car karting rink.

Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire has the best ‘big cats’ in England. We have seen tigers, cheetah’s snow leopards, leopards, jaguars, lions and a panther. Kids loved it and enjoyed their day. The park also has a swimming area, railway, ritate playship, playground, cafe’s and all other things to make it an incredibly enjoyable day. for more details.

And to round up the weekend, we had a delicious picnic in kensington Park with a whole lot of fancy animal cupcakes from Whole Foods. Delicate, vanilla cupcakes are favourite with kids as they can choose from a wide variety of animals.


One Response to “Things to do in and around London with kids on a long rainy weekend.”

  1. Rachel Goldsmith August 31, 2011 at 5:05 pm #

    Very lovely experience for them. If I was one of them, I would never forget that. They are obviously enjoying the trip. Just looking at the pictures, I could imagine myself being part of the family.

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