The Tate Modern in Colour

1 Sep

On the weekends at Tate Modern you are issued with colour pencils, pens, paper and the vastness of the Turbine Hall to let your imagination go wild. You can draw, paint, build, smudge, rip, make, jump, and run around to genuinely let you creativity take over in one of the most famous museum of contemporary art.

…now, let me think, was I writing that for the kids or for the parents….

Remember the world is your playground!…

And if you need some more inspiration, here are some great links to entertain the kids in the meantime, courtesy of the Tate Modern:

Tate “Inspire me” Games:

Tate Kids Create (online and offline material)

Tate Kids blog:

Photography courtesy of Anna Tsurkan

Scarlet M


One Response to “The Tate Modern in Colour”

  1. Mascha September 2, 2011 at 2:47 pm #

    Looks like a lot of fun. I thinkn that parents will definately enjoy as much as the kids. the trouble is that you might be faced with the same creativity on the walls of your own dwelling, which surely is no Tate Modern in size :-).
    Until when is this happening?

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