Social Network for Kids. Essential

3 Oct

As the weekend began on a hot Saturday morning, both kids were crying for the playdates with respective best friends of that week from their schools.

Requirements were’t limited to one friend each and the list soon became a sizeable mini party. As I was looking for phone numbers, and the names of the mothers I thought how much easier it would be for parents to have a simple interface ‘at a touch of a button’ which would take care of the logistics of keeping on top of the social lives of our little ones.

Having sent 7 text messages and sipping coffee awaiting reply, i have formulated my ‘kids social network’ needs into the following:
1. A simple interface app for parents where you can send ‘pings’ to other parents within your network with an update of your plans and location.

2. A child’s interface where they can post pictures and photos and ping their friends to keep up at times when they don’t see each other.

This is really top of my wishlist now. Interestingly, there is a startup which is cracking this riddle as we speak…

An app for parents. Social network for kids



One Response to “Social Network for Kids. Essential”

  1. Mascha October 7, 2011 at 9:14 am #

    will this be intergrated into the facebook? so that you can put Katia Cavallo mother to “Mario and Stasia” who will have the kid’s network? 🙂

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