The Big Bonuses of the Little Traders

10 Oct

Accidentally, the day I saw the movie with Sarah Jessica Parker carrying out military operations on a daily basis in ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’, I also read an interview with Kate Winslet, who now says that ‘women have became so good at soldiering on, too good’.

She was referring to her divorce and hell that usually surrounds it, but ultimately this is true of every day. Our realities, whether for stay-at-home mums or working mums are similar in that it is a daily fusion of logistical machinations and manipulations. And kids are getting awfully good at trading and brokering themselves good deals for fitting in within the logistics. Unlike their financially-striken fathers, whose bonuses are getting cut, the little traders’ bonuses are certainly growing.

As a parent who has to keep an array of trading cards up my sleeve to perform daily logistics, i can testify that punctuality does come with fair bit of bribing and that parents turn into walking storytellers.

Fussy eating is handled by live performance of Bob the Builder (thank God that is over now though). Even a mention of Ketchup gets my little one to finish off soups and greens. Monday morning wake up routine usually involves a small ‘treasure hunt’ into the kitchen and special treat after breakfast. No cartoons before brushing the teeth effectively speeds up the evening grooming for youngsters.

My favourite though, we have to leave the house now as otherwise that man in an ‘alien helmet’ will take away our car (the traffic warden). And so it continues.

Another week, here we go. Happy Monday everyone..


2 Responses to “The Big Bonuses of the Little Traders”

  1. Mascha October 10, 2011 at 10:23 am #

    Love the post…”the main in alien helmet” 🙂

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