East End gets an Olympic Heart

19 Oct

Olympic Park is being built for the future and Olympic Games are just the opening party for what is to come. We get a tour of the Park, given by the LegacyList committee – an organisation which looks to ensure that once the Olympic Games are over, the Olympic Park becomes an active, sustainable part of the local community life. Stratford, the most bombed part of London, is one of the areas of the city that has not seen any innovation since the war. And then all innovations come at once: the newly opened state-of the art Westfield and the beautiful grounds of the Olympic Park, designed by Britain’s top architects, engineers and innovators.

Indeed, the artistic touch can be seen in every part of the park, from electricity transmitters covered in poems to 3,000 varieties of plants used on the banks of the river Lee, 6km of which hug and encircle the various parts of the Olympic Park.

The park is overlooked by the ‘Orbit’ – Anish Kapoor creation, which nests a beautiful viewing point at 150m. Indeed in seems that the Park has been built to be looked at from above, it’s magnitude and individual concepts of the artists come alive when given space.

The main theme, which runs through bridges, the Stadium sections, pavements and plants, is ‘colour’. Inspired by the Olympic rings, bright blocks of colour are a bold, inspiring statement.

With so much thought about community and creative effort invested, I can see how this will become a sustainable, aspirational heart of the East End for generations to come.

'The Orbit' by Anish Kapoor and the Olympic Stadium



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