Bea Åkerlund is a Rebel with a Cause

30 Oct

Bea Åkerlund is a Swedish-born celebrity stylist. She has recently launched a childrenswear design collaboration called REBEL WITH A CAUSE with a Swedish brand Mini Rodini. Here are a few pictures taken from a photoshoot when Rodeo magazine interviewed her.

Bea A: “When I was young I based each day’s outfit on the different characters and roles.”

Rodeo Magazine Q: Now you have done a design collaboration with the Swedish Mini Rodini. Can you tell us a little about the collection?

BEA: – I found the inspiration for the collection of my children. They are twins and love to dress up as different characters throughout the day. So I made clothes for their interests and how they want to dress. A few years ago I did a collaboration with BRIO baby carriages in which we worked with skin and skull pattern in different parts. Making children’s clothing is a natural step and that it then became the Mini Rodini was obviously because I think they are by far the best in the area. The collection we have chosen to rename the Rebel with a Cause, and it is about daring to express anything from day to day. Simply daring to experiment with what you put on, even as a child.

Bea on her relationship with clothes:

– For me, clothing art. There is a feeling behind the beautiful clothes – an old military jacket or a dress from the 1800s. They communicate something and has their own story. It has always fascinated me and looking at how people choose to go dressed. I think shoes say everything about a person. Based on what people have on your feet, you know a little about where you have them.

Useful links:

The full interview with Bea:

Mini Rodeo and the Rebel with a Cause collection, available in Selfridge’s :

The post inspired by the most stylish Swede i know Monika L.

Scarlet M


2 Responses to “Bea Åkerlund is a Rebel with a Cause”

  1. Mascha October 31, 2011 at 2:41 pm #

    Hey, do you know the name of the designed for the Shoes….they are AWESOME!!!!

  2. yummyolympic October 31, 2011 at 3:14 pm #

    The platform looks like McQueen, but the toes were originally introduced by Maison Martin Margiela.

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