Homework can be fun!

7 Nov

Salman Khan is trying to change education. It started 6 years ago, when he created a simple tutoring video to help his cousins perform better at school. Now he has a website featuring more than 2,600 educational videos, a school promoting a new concept of a reverse classroom and the backing of one of the wealthiest people in the technology field – Bill Gates. This non profit organization is trying to promote an idea of humanising the classroom.

The idea is simple, instead of forcing kids to learn a subject at school and then face problems at home whilst doing their homework, the student’s routine is reversed . The teacher would choose a Khan Academy video for the pupils to watch at home,at their own pace, where a soft, interesting voice can teach anything from simple subtraction, to money and banking tutorials, on a virtual blackboard with multi-coloured pen. The lesson time is, in turn, treated as a tutorial time, where the teacher directly interacts with each student in the classroom helping tackle each individual problem on the subject. Salmon Khan believes this is the key to a better education.

The idea is simple. The results are taking the world by storm.  Judge for yourself.



Scarlet M


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