Oink! Generation ‘P’ (P for Peppa Pig, of course)

15 Nov

Ask a parent of a 3-5 year old about their life without Peppa Pig and the answer would be ‘grim’. No lie-ins on weekends; long exhausting flights with kids getting frustrated by take off and bargaining getting to an all-time low.

Yes, it is that big of a deal. Kids and parents are ‘peppapigging’ it big time! Peppa Pig-owner Entertainment One more than doubled pre-tax profits to £19m in the six months to the end of September, growing revenues 26% year on year. The figures also showed 150,000 iPad downloads – the Peppa Pig generation have assimilated tablets into their daily routine with impeccable speed.

If there was one cartoon of the growing up generation, it’s gotta be the oinking family. And I am happy for that: a friendly, warm and very human touch, I would rather that, than the American dream of the Disney princesses and their doomed expectations of real estate, the prince and surreal amount of bling dresses.


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