What kids’ toys and Laboutins have in common

23 Nov

A friend posted a link to the Fast Company article about Laboutins and their glory – the fact that women seem to be head over heels to own a pair or a pair too many. And I’m sure many of us are thinking how good we were this year, whilst sealing our desperate plea to Mr Santa this Christmas.

But what do Laboutins have to do with children’s toys? Everything. They provide an answer to a parenting puzzle of: ‘How many toys does a child need?’ The answer being: ‘As many as women need Laboutins’

By way of testing this theory, there is now a fancy book. Christian Laboutin  is celebrating 20 years of creating the most treasured of female possessions with a beautiful book published by Rizzoli (available at Net-a-Porter).

And if you can determine the answer to ‘how many’, let us know and we will update the post!



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