The coolest book for kids that every adult will read again and again.

5 Dec

“This is Max. He’s a cat who plays piano. Max is a sharp dresser – some cats say he is as dapper as Dan and hip as Harry. That means that he is a very cool cat indeed”.

kids book

Max IS the coolest character we have read about. Both kids are fascinated by the smooth language of the book and the elegant expressions, as well as attention to details and obviously all the ‘cool’ cat stuff.

This is really one of those books that deserves to be on every shelf.

“When Dexter finished playing, Max said, “that’s a solid tune, Dexter, but my lost note isn’t there.”

“Now listen, Max, my furry little friend,” said Dexter. “I know three cats called Miles, Oliver and Charlie who might just know the whereabouts of your lost note. tell them Long Tall Dexter sent you.”….

….. Now Sam, like Max, was a very cool cat indeed. He had a different hat for every day of the week. That’s a total of seven”…

What an educated cat that is! Enjoy reading if you can get your hands on the book (sold at the Amazon Bookstore or the V&A).


One Response to “The coolest book for kids that every adult will read again and again.”

  1. Mascha December 6, 2011 at 4:00 pm #

    “what a cool cat indeed”… so the children are encouraged to become early adapters of the cool concept 🙂 read on…

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