Stay Merry, Happy and Wonderful

23 Dec

The day before Christmas checklist:

Presents for kids and family are of course incredibly important. The Christmas tree and the house decorations – yes, vital. The table full of delicious Christmas food – traditionally required. And yet, most importantly, it is the Christmas spirit that will make it into the wonderful feast that it should be.

so this Christmas, wishing you to unwrap and nourish the spirit of your beautiful self. Stay Merry, Happy and Wonderful and by way of inspiration, a woman who seems to have unwrapped it this Christmas. Who needs a Christmas tree….

‘I am very traditional in a 1950s housewife way: cooking, making sure everyone’s fed and everything’s in order. I think that a wife has a responsibility to make a home and to protect the family. I also believe that a wife should be able to do whatever she wants and work id she wants’ – Gwyneth Paltrow for Metro’s 60 seconds column.

So who says we can’t have it all? We can, one step at a time.

Merry Christmas from Yummy & Olympic


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