How to Not Lose your Kids – ‘Me Finder’

9 Jan

When kids come about, there are some inventions that every parent dreams of but thinks that it is only the premise of the books, that come as part of the childcare – fairytales.

So when one of the dreams materialises into an actual product, available to buy and affordable – the joy is overwhelming.

Such dream was to prevent kids from getting lost and Claire Bardener, a UK mother of 3 has found the answer. Claire has created a wristband, which holds key phone numbers, and enables kids to ask for help in case they are lost.

The screen holds up to five numbers and the kids can access select numbers one by one by simply pressing the button. More than that, the ‘Me Finder’ website has an array of useful activities and tools to teach kids about awareness and rehearse the logistics of emergency situations.

We think it’s such a simple and useful idea, that every parent should get one.

Wristbands are available for purchase at £14.99. More details on

And thank you to the Evening Standard for pointing this out to us!


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