It’s a tough job to always be happy.

16 Jan

It’s a tough job to always be happy. And yet it’s the sort of a job that motherhood and fatherhood is all about. So what are the top tips of staying happy during the unhappiest day of the year? (which is officially today) We think that the recent Golden Globes might just have the answers. After all, isn’t it all about acting?

This is how to beat the blues:

1. Smile. At the end of the day, it’s just one day and everything will be better tomorrow. Heidi Klum has mastered an ‘effortlessly chic’ happy mother smiling approach

2. Grab your man, hold hands and get through the day together. Angelina Jolie shows us how.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Golden Globes 2011

3. In case you don’t have a man to hug and hold hands with, then wear lots of RED! And generally power dress to illuminate happiness and self worth

Christina Hendricks

4. Wear the Blues! Sofia Vergara shows just how in a beautiful Vera Wang dress

Sofia Vergara

5. And finally, if ll else fails, just ‘go bananas’. Happiness is totally something that we can control. A bright yellow dress and an extra smile can turn up the happiness instantly!

Paula Patton Golden Globes


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