Spellbound mums.

26 Jan

God forbid you cross paths with a mother ‘on a morning school run’. Reasons being, that whoever coined a term ‘run’ was from a century far removed from ours. It’s a race, a scrambble, a whiz, a flight after all…

No matter how calm and multitasking mothers can be, every morning behind the wheel they turn into neurotic witches with a magic broom instead of a car. I imagine that instead of listening to music they are constantly making elaborate spells

Speed limits & other drivers
Traffic lights & road bumps
Tiny jammed roads & waste removal trucks
White vans & buses
Abracadabra…. Igglety…nigglety…pumpety…boom
Upon the wave of my magic wand…

Counting to 3: one, two..

Me?? Of course I am a well balanced, organised and calm, and never oh never would I make such a spell.

(image taken from: http://craftychickscuppacoffee.blogspot.com/2009/10/crafty-witch-files-how-to-make-besom.html )


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