$1.3mln Baby. Give or take

1 Feb

It was widely reported that Beyonce’s baby has a £1.3mln shopping tag by the second day of it’s life. Besides wondering what on earth did they buy for that money, I turned to think about a reality slightly more familiar.

And, even though it wont be £1.3 mln, i can see how quickly first time parents fill up the shopping baskets. Current consumer culture has ensured that the sheer selection of products makes it as hard as possible to make reasonable choices for adults and affects the way kids are able to appreciate what they have or rather don’t appreciate what they have.

And who can blame them? The way toys are marketed, there is always the best new, latest new, best ever etc. Toys are now released in a fashionably manner: with 4 seasons, 4 flavours and the seasonal must haves.

But appreciation comes with scarcity, longing and a culture of creation not consumption.

So how can we nurture that? This was a subject of various discussions with other parents. One parent offered a valuable tip, that they have as a family pact: ‘Every time they buy a new item/toy/ outfit, they have to give one to charity’

Brilliant, no? Keeps things simple, uncluttered and teaches kids about making sound choices.

We are going to try to ‘Give and take’.


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