A note from the teacher…

2 Feb

It’s after drawings like this, that your child brings home with a note from a teacher, that you wonder why Arts and free expression is allowed for kids and toddlers at all…

And yet Arts is an amazing tool of figuring exactly how kids think and process the world. This entertaining story is actually true. Read on…

A 2nd grade girl handed in the drawing below for a homework assignment. After it was graded and the child brought it home, she returned to school the next day with the following note addressed to the teacher of the arts class…

“Dear Miss. Davis,

I want to be very clear with regards to my child’s illustration. It is NOT an illustration of me on a dance pole on a stage at a strip joint. I work at Home Depot and had commented to my daughter on how much money we made during the recent snowstorms here in New York. This picture is of me selling a shovel and nothing else.


Mrs. Harrington ”

(thank you Max Z & Masha Z. for spotting)


One Response to “A note from the teacher…”

  1. Mascha February 2, 2012 at 10:54 am #

    Like like.
    it is a shame that the note from the teacher was not attached, would have been insightful.

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