If David Hockney could make a Snowman

6 Feb

Perhaps a lucky coincidence: the London snow fall happened right after our visit to the Royal Academy to see David Hockney. This is a must see exhibition of a talented painter, whose vision of colour adds incredible detail to otherwise plain reality.

His paintings are so full of energy, they turn the visit into a mini fairytale, which presents the Yorkshire landscape in a way that would make Walt Disney jealous and every princess wishing  that her dream real estate castle could only ever be built there. His fantastical kaleidoscopic landscapes have altered our perception of the plain and white.

We wonder what would happen if David Hockney could paint a snow man?



One Response to “If David Hockney could make a Snowman”

  1. Mascha February 6, 2012 at 12:21 pm #

    Agree about the exhibition. although there was an amazing display of creativity, when it came to snowmen. I have seen an entertaining array of different creatures around London Fields in Hackney: starting from an innocent squirrel, and culminating in a rather vivid male torso, extended to include all the essential male “carrot” bits.
    So, conclusion, is probably that snow did make a lot of people express their creative side.

    and one observation, which i only noticed now….it is so much lighted at night with all the snow around!

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