A Mne? (A lesson in Russian and wishful thinking)

9 Feb

Adopting a ‘herd’ thinking is arguably the most important trait that parenting instills. Thinking beyond just yourself and your own breakfast, figuring out how many yoghurts, which types of yoghurts, which yoghurts on which days is either an autopilot or hard work but every parent must do it.

So to help every parent to keep up the wishful thinking, kids have developed an elaborate dictionary of reminders. So here goes: a lesson in Russian and wishful thinking:

A mne? (How about me?)
Usually used when a parent tries to enjoy a tasty treat, thinking that they can do it unnoticed…

A ya? (How about me?)
Usually follows straight after being told that parents would like to excuse themselves for only an instant to enjoy whatever it is they might want.

A menya? (how about me?)
Usually used to ask for ‘uno mas’ in reference to repeat activity of a fellow sibling.

Nu mama… (But…)
That’s self explanatory, really… That’s when the parents assume an expression of grief, guilt and succumb.

“Success” syas the kid.


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