I am counting down to 3

21 Feb

Numbers are powerful things, and when laid out in a specific way, they become irresistible. That way is a countdown.

Countdowns are the biggest cliff hangers of our time. A rocket launch? A penalty? A New Year’s celebration? A fashion show? A startup launch? A countdown is a must-have, no matter what, and in the true olympic spirit, we are counting down…

10 , 9 , 8 …

7 , 6 …

5 , 4 …

3 …¬†Every kid and parent’s favourite: ‘I am counting to 3’

2 …..

Lately, even fashion events have tapped into the power of numbers. Burberry have placed a live countdown over the Cromwell Road flypass. You bet we are excited…

1 …

Finally, startups of the new century just must have a countdown…

And on that note, there are bright things ahead. We are counting down…


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