For Young Explorers and their Parents

14 Mar

See that very cute baby smiling and laying still? Not for much longer. Every baby has a dream and that dream is: ACTION.

Babies can be extremely resilient and stubborn in earning the ‘Chief Explorer’ action badge and will start working towards it as soon as they master the art of horizontal movement. So what are parents to do from that point onwards, apart from getting cute bump proof costumes?


Actually, there is tonnes of valuable research and great advice. Chris Jones from Baby Safe Homes says that parental supervision is always the best safety measure available, though it won’t nearly be enough to keep an eye on little ‘Dora the Explorer’ alikes. So here is some wise advice:

1. Secure those flat screen TV’s, the huge colourful displays are an abvious attraction

2. Any heights will be the first to be explored, as kids are drawn to trying these out. Secure the stairs with appropriate gates

3. Heated towel rails can cause burns, better to be turned down or protected in another way

4. Bookshelves and storage needs to be secured with permanent fixtures to prevent tipping over

Baby Safe Homes carry out flat safety assessments and recommend the best solutions and if you have a young explorer, it’s time to check them out…

For more details and advice:


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