Footwear Party for Kids

27 Mar

Kids today are spoiled for choice. By the time they can walk, they already have a nifty collection of footwear, which gets regularly updated (lucky them!). Sports shoes are the biggest hit with both the kids and their parents. New colourful GEOX, Tom’s, Adidas and Converse are the usual favourites and we have just spotted something which might get the little feet even more excited!

We love this gold and white SUPRA sneaker for toddlers, also available in other colours and sizes. Developed with a special technology to make it extra lightweight, it’s bound to be a favourite with the sporty fashionistas amongst the youngster crowd.

What’s even better, SUPRA are holding a special launch party to celebrate the new collection. Friday 30th March 3-5pm. RSVP

And parents can indulge in even brighter colours. We are checking them out!



One Response to “Footwear Party for Kids”

  1. Mascha April 3, 2012 at 4:32 pm #

    love the gold show. very Grecian inspired. do they do the same but for adults?

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