Athena – the Goddess of Tennis

3 Apr

Beautiful to the core, Athena follows in her olympian great great grandmother’s footsteps and uses her natural olympian skills to play tennis and appear as elegant on the court as she is outside. And whilst her Olympic grandma was known as a Goddess of Arts and Crafts, Athena loves to bake and to make delicious cupcakes and cookies to share with friends. Her mischievous ways make Athena a talented adventurer, sportsman and chef. There’s very little she wont try to master.

Athena wont allow her love for adventure to stop her from being an elegant princess. Her glamour is only upstaged by her opinions as Athena will fight to get her way, and almost always does!

Athena is wearing elegant sportswear for kids by Yummy & O.L.M.P.C

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