The Story of the Yummy & O.L.M.P.C land

26 Apr

Imagine a land far far away, with a sunny sky and a tall and elegant mountain called Olympus in the middle. Lush green golf fields, football pitches and basketball pads nested in the middle; a beautiful pool for swimming and water polo and a bigger lake for sailing, canoeing and boat pedalling towards the back. To the left, grass tennis courts with wonderfully bright, neon tennis balls and raquettes and close by a cherry tree orchard for graceful ballerinas dancing around in their tutu’s. Crossing the fields and connecting the lake and the swimming pool there are cycling and scootering lanes. All the way to the left, there are woods for horseriding, archery and practicing Judo.

This is an Olympic land. It’s called olympic not only because of the beautiful tall mountain but also because of it’s history – the ancient timeline which goes back thousands of years where time was counted in olympiads: each one lasting 4 years. But do not worry the birthdays and other important celebrations still happened every year!

All in all it’s a beautiful land. And right there live the 12 gods and goddesses, all masterful sportsmen, who love having fun and dedicating time to their sporty achievements.

They usually meet at the end of each day to talk about the daily gossip and things that they learnt and today is no different. Leisurely scootering past the swimming lake, there are Apollo and Athena, who have just finished practicing their serves and throws ahead of the big Olympic Tennis Tournament.

‘I am just so good at serves’ continued boasting Apollo in his usual charming way. ‘Do you know why I am the best at the serves? In fact, the bestest? The best of the bestest? Why? Why?’….

(…hmmm, of course we want to know why! and we will in tomorrow’s story! …)




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