Olympic Inspiration – Posters

29 Apr

Unlike books or paintings, posters have a unique talent of capturing the spirit that surrounds the pre-event hype. In a quirky combination of text, symbols and image, the posters are meant to idolize the matter so much so that a single glance will entice the viewer to follow.

This is why posters have always been an inspiration – unlike other mediums which loose the hightened ecstasy of expectation, posters always carry the spark. And these posters are no different – a rare collection of 1972 Munich Olympics posters uncovered by VintageSeekers.com :

Vintage poster advertising the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany. The artist Charles Lapique has created a poster that features several Olympic events, using motifs of the Ancient Olympic Games in a modern style.

(More posters and details on http://www.vintageseekers.com/collectibles/vintage-sport-posters )


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