Chapter 1: Apollo and Athena preparing for the Olympic Tennis Tournament

30 Apr

Leisurely scootering past the swimming lake, there are Apollo and Athena, who have just finished practicing their serves and throws ahead of the big Olympic Tennis Tournament.

‘I am just so good at serves’ continued boasting Apollo in his usual charming way. ‘Do you know why I am the best at the serves? In fact, the bestest? The best of the bestest? Why? Why?’

‘Apollo!!’ interrupted Athena impatiently, ‘you are making up words that don’t exist. And secondly, yes your serves are very fast but today you kept throwing them too hard so that they kept ending up outside the court!’

‘Oh, Athena!! it doesn’t matter, does it. Most important thing is that i can hit it as hard as I can and it will go so fast, like the lightning. ooo in fact, i have to tell Zeus, he’ll be really amazed. We can shoot penalties together later and who is the fastest!!’

‘Oh, Apollo, you are doing it again. Its not the speed of lightening that counts in tennis, does it? It’s getting the ball into the right side of the court. It’s the skill, not the speed. Otherwise you will keep loosing points. Got it?’

‘Well maybe i agree, just a little bit, but common, isn’t it fun to just shoot it so so so so high into the sky or even shoot it off the court. haha i have just remembered: I got this beautiful serve and it just passed over the net and landed so close to the front that you didn’t have enough time to catch it!’ exclaimed Apollo really pleased with himself.

Athena was beginning to loose her temper and wanted to remind Apollo that she was in fact the Goddess of Tennis as well as he was, but Apollo interrupted her thoughts saying:

‘Righty right, i shall be off. Hermes and me were planning a cycling challenge and I need to change into my cycling shoes. I will see you tomorrow for more practice and Hera said she’ll be the judge, she knows the rules and will be counting the points. Adios Athena!

‘Bye’. Uff, why do the boys have to boast so much? If I could create a perfect tournament I will only have girls. Girls are fun to play with and boys just want to win all the time. ‘Oh, Aphrodite!’ shouted Athena really pleased to see her friend….

(to be continued tomorrow when we learn all about Ballet from Aphrodite)


One Response to “Chapter 1: Apollo and Athena preparing for the Olympic Tennis Tournament”

  1. Mascha May 1, 2012 at 11:00 am #

    Y&O keep up the storytelling. we are all excited to learn more about the characters.

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