The Ugly Duckling

1 May

A beautiful classic, retold in a hugely entertaining and interactive way in an iPad app for kids which allows them not only to listen and discuss, but also create. Worth a download and a try. The app is created by a Greek company Publisto, who are innovating the interactive book market for kids and we are told, the kids will also be able to get a role of the author by trying different endings for each story…

“I must discover the world!” the duckling says to its pursuers. “I just know one day I will see the whole world, as it truly is!”

Downloads and further information from

The Ugly Duckling Features:

    • twenty great storybook illustrations
    • great tap animations on each page
    • highlighted, narrated text
    • rich and engaging story-specific and animated
      • puzzles,
      • connect-the-dots
      • and match games
    • six full-screen coloring images in a separate paint section
    • touching original music, inspiring ambient sounds and sound effects
    • auto-play and record-your-own-voice options
    • painstakingly edited original literary writing in all languages
    • Four unique Ugly Duckling write-on postcards to share via Facebook, Twitter or
    • email.


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