Generation ‘S’ for Scooter: do you zip?

4 May

Kids have certainly gone mobile and not only on their parent’s iPads which they have now claimed as their own, but on their own modes of transport. It is also handy that their favourite mode of transport now comes in as many colours and models as an adult’s car. Pink, neon green, subtle blue, yellow or red, the choice is theirs. Yes, it’s the Scooters.

Colourful scooters and happy kids zip about the London streets all day long and smart parents have nothing else but to find a stylish matching solution… So fastforward 2 years, it’s not the car parking lots or the electrical parking charges – it’ll be the scooter lanes that we will need.

Yummy & Olympic is voting for Scootering as Britain’s favourite kid sport and Athena, the goddess of Exploring and Scooter certainly agrees:

Athena is wearing sportswear for kids by Yummy & O.L.M.P.C

Custom orders available now, please email

Full collection launching soon on


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