ProSvet, an exhibition for Kids by Kids

21 May

ProSvet (About Light) is an exhibition for kids by kids. Hosted at Sotheby’s auction house in London next weekend 26-28 May 2012, the exhibition displays the artwork of children benefiting from the work of the Russian Podari Zhizn foundation.

The exhibition is titled “ProSvet (About Light)”, as each of the works on display reflects the theme of light. Dina Korzun, co-founder of the Gift of Life foundation says: “The main subject of the drawings is light, and the children have tried to express its essence through their bright, life-affirming works.”

The Y & O team is heading down to see the exhibition and take part in the workshops for kids, making paper lanterns and discussing the paintings. Hope you can join us there.

Here is what you can do with your kids next weekend – take them to see an inspiring exhibition: 26-28 of May 2012 Sotheby’s

The children whose work has been selected for the exhibition are presently undergoing lengthy and complex treatment for oncological and haematological diseases in clinics in Moscow and the surrounding region. Many are forced to spend months in hospital, where they discover remarkable creative abilities – they begin to draw, and to create collages and material art objects. Over the years of the foundation’s existence, it has been consistently demonstrated that the ability to be creative while in hospital is an important part of treating children. The young people stop seeing themselves as patients – as objects of pity and charity who are perpetually tied to their drips. They become authors who speak to the world on their own terms.


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