How boys invented Football (Chapter 3)

2 Jun

Apollo, Hermes and Zeus were at the big field one afternoon. The weather was sunny but not too hot and they wanted to do something fun together, when they have spotted a colourful ball by the trees.

‘Yey, the ball is my favourite thing in the world, there are so many games to play’! Said Zeus happily as he was getting the ball and throwing it in the air.

‘Like what’? – said Hermes

‘Well, for example, there is one: you just pass it along to each other and the one who doesn’t catch it is the looser’.

‘I can think of a better one’, said Apollo. ‘Each of us needs to balance the ball on our heads and the one who can balance the longer wins’!

‘How about we split into 2 teams and pass the ball to each other so that 1 team wins’ commented Hermes

‘Great idea! we’ll need to put some lines on the field so we know where the boundaries are!’ exclaimed Apollo, already looking for a piece of thread to use as the boundary line

‘ That’s a great game, let’s say that we can only pass the ball with our feet or occasionally with our heads, we can’t throw the ball over the boundaries and to win each team will need to get the ball into the goals on either side of the field’ – Zeus summed up the rules for everyone.

‘Let’s give this great game a name! How about ‘Foot’ ‘ball’ ? – said Apollo happily

‘Football it is’ cried everyone running off onto the pitch!



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