Kids are ‘Citizens of the World’

19 Jun

Please forgive me or correct me, I may be wrong, but from the viewpoint of a Londoner, there is one thing that is evident and that is how multi-talented, multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-skilled the new generation of kids are.

Given their parent’s wild mix of cultures, the kids inherit a fusion of traditions and languages and schools are doing brilliantly at broadening these horizons even further.

The friends of this new generation come from all sorts of countries, which has a variety of interesting outcomes: from vast knowledge of geography at the age of 4, to loving affinity for travel, new things and traditions.

This new generation is in a sense even more grounded than we are: but in many things. They are curious about the world, about the relationships between different people. They don’t believe in boundaries and they want to do good. They are the natural ‘Citizen of the World’ with multi tasking and tech built in, geared towards progress and entrepreneurship.

A recent series of filming by Yummy & O.L.M.P.C (to be released soon) has shown that even at the age of 3,5-4 kids are curious about all sorts of sports and not just ballet. They know about hockey and long jumps, tennis and Polo, swimming and ice skating, Judo and football.

That’s the spirit. Proud.


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