A dolphin called Andy Murray

4 Sep

Poor kids. Another week and there will be nothing to watch on TV. Who cares about SpongeBob’s squarepants and Spiderman, when somewhere very close to planet Earth, in fact right all over it, are the real superheroes. Tangible, their superhuman bodies totally normal and perfectly human.
I don’t know about other kids, but the Olympics had a profound effect on mine. So much that a mosaic dolphin in the pool – a lovable creature which was lovably called Gogo has been renamed into Andy Murray (pronounced Handy Marri).

And if i am to continue to be a lovable parent, I am required to immediately find Basketball, Badminton, Beach VolleyBall, Ping Pong, Water Polo sport clubs in addition to Tennis, Judo, Swimming and Football.

I am off on my mission and of course taking recommendations, numbers. Coaches and sport teachers are in for their grteatest year yet.





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