Yummy & O.L.M.P.C is a sportswear brand for kids. Inspired by the legends of the greek gods and goddesses who were the original ancient sportsmen, the brand draws on their personalities, special powers and competitive spirit to create the sports themed designs and stories.

This blog is the brand’s ‘in the making’ journey, as well as a great place for inspiration on kid’s related things, sport activities and elegant lifestyle for modern families.

Yummy & O.L.M.P.C  was founded by Katerina Zherebtsova back in 2009. The idea to create the brand came from spending time with kids between two to eight years of age. Seeing what they do, how, why and what parents are doing with them.

Kids of that age are on a constant quest to embrace their day to day life, their growth, responsibility and their understanding of the world. needless to say, the parents are in a constant catch up mode. This time can be both the best in the world as well as it can be a disaster:

– these kids strive for independence but in most cases they get it wrong

– their imagination runs wild, they like stories, heroes and dressing up

– they love attention and they like to achieve

– they like to be rewarded and encouraged

Yummy & O.L.M.P.C encourages engagement and brings out the positive emotional value of sport through themed characters, who are both educational and fun, yet attractive with their superhero personalities.

Meet the characters and learn more about their sporty achievements here.


One Response to “About”

  1. Court Rye January 8, 2012 at 5:00 pm #

    I love your site! The cute pictures, fun musings and the name… Yummy & Olympic. Brilliant 😀

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