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Flower Workshop for Kids

7 Feb

Kids love to create, to imagine and to dream. This is both their natural skill and a rightful activity, which comes as a perk of the age group. So what better way to let their imagination run free, than inspiring them with real stories about invention and creation.

Catiouche Academy of Big Dreams was created by Lana Berglas, Creative Director of luxury brand Catiouche London, to encourage kids of all ages to ‘dream big’ by attending regular events with people-Inventors, Entrepreneurs and those who can teach kids creative skills, but most importantly show them a world of ideas.

The first workshop by the Catiouche Academy is on Sunday 10th February, called ‘My Beautiful Bouquet for My Beautiful Mummy’. It’s designed to get kids to learn about the world of floral design and to inspire them to look to nature for ideas. Led by Natasha Van De Minkelis of Flower Fashion, it’s a really fun way to see flowers in a new light and to get creative.

This Sunday’s workshop has been fully booked within hours, but do look out for future events and updates from the Catiouche Academy on their Facebook Page: Catiouche London or email

Catiouche Academy of Big Dreams Flower workshop

Five fun facts about flowers for kids in the meantime!

Catiouche Academy fact number 1: Broccoli is a flower as well as a vegetable.

Catiouche Academy fact number 2: In the 1600s in Holland, a single tulip bulb could cost more than a house.
Catiouche Academy fact number 3: in the tropics orchids grow high in the trees rather than on the forest floor
Catiouche Academy fact number 4: Bamboo can be a fast growing plant, some types can grow almost a metre in just one day!
Catiouche Academy fact number 5: The  blooms of the roses are edible and have the flavors of green apples and strawberries.

Boxing Day will be fun!

26 Dec

Conran store in South Kensington has created the most spectacular windows this Christmas. The pear shaped bells and giant balls evoked the true festive spirit and a real life Santa climbing the stores of the building was a favourite with kids.

Conran windows shopping Christmas


Now that the sale sign has gone up and the stunning designs are gone, a quick look at the goodies on sale. Do go, it’s a delight for the whole family.

Conran Christmas shopping

The store was decorated with neon signs and ultra modern lighting, signposting between Kids, Home, men, women and stocking fillers.

photo (67)

The kids section has a lot of retro inspired gifts from a Harmonica to cooking sets, Wizard of Oz book edition and great lighting for kids.

photo (68)

We were especially interested in spotting one of these: the socks for the young champions by Trumpette. Beautiful packaging

photo (69)


Happy shopping on this Boxing Day!

This Weekend: Russian Wave Festival

14 Sep

Yummy & Olympic is attending this great Festival of contemporary Russian culture on Sunday 16th September. We think it’s not to miss. Cartoons and animation is from 12pm till 13:00 and its free. And of course it’s “Masha and Medved”, the favourite with all kids who watch it!



Sunday, 16 September 2012, 11am – 11 pm

Riverside Studios, London SW6

Breaking on the banks of the Thames for one day only, Russian Wave is a celebration of contemporary Russian culture. This 12-hour programme will immerse you in the turbulent world of contemporary Russian culture, revealing how a nation renowned for its heritage can still rock the boat with revolutionary innovation. Russian Wave will be awash with cinema, literature, theatre, art, music and animation, and will be giving you a chance to try thefinest Russian cuisine. Come and meet people on the same wavelength in a vibrant atmosphere, and explore the depths of Russian culture now.  Get caught up in the current!

More about Russian Wave:

Russian Wave Film programme will showcase new Russian cinema by presenting four films, all award-winners at Russian and international film festivals.


Patria o Muerte – «Родина или смерть»



Contemporary animation. The best in contemporary animation – sure to delight adults and kids alike. Free entry! (12:00-13:00)

Russian Poetry Wave will transform Riverside Studios with live performances of English and Russian poems throughout the day. As part of an open culture project in London, a series of discussions on contemporary literature will take place between literary specialists representing both the English and Russian language. There will also be books in Russian and English on sale at the book stand.

Russian Book Bar – choose the perfect book for you whether it’s on Russia, from Russia or in Russian. All the books can be borrowed, bought or won in a special raffle.

Get a taste of Russia! Pirogi, pelmeni, medoviki, smetanniki and more! Come and join this celebration of Russian cuisine and dig in to Russian delicacies, freshly prepared by a team of chefs from Russian Revels and Sobranie Restaurant, in the Riverside Café and on the terrace.

iPainting at Russian Wave is a unique chance to witness the creation of a piece of 21-century art and become a part of it at once. Young Russian artist Nadja Ryzhakova will be with us all day with her digital easel at the ready to capture the scenes, faces and the atmosphere of the fest. Come and watch the recorded step-by-step process of iPainting live at our screens and be prepared to find yourself iPainted!

All this, plus award-winning contemporary art, music and lots of other Russian zabavas (fun and games) for all the family.

Let’s get together and make some waves!

Box office:, 020 8237 1111

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe review

7 Jun

It was my son’s 6th birthday, when I suddenly realised that he has the clothes he needs, he has a DS, a football uniform (4), tonnes of wonderful books, my iPad which he shares with my 4 year old and me. In summary, it had to be something different. Thank God for the grandparents!

We all got tickets to see the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe at the 360 pop-up theatre in Kensington Park. First of all, it is an absolutely stunning production and the whole performance is memerising for kids. They loved it, they wanted to go back, they loved Aslan. It was wonderful.

Before going, i decided to research the reviews and was surprised how negative the comments were. Journalists and theatre critics trashed it. But in the face of all the critics, I can say that grumpy journalists, theatre critics and other people who have forgotten what it is like to be a kid should not be allowed in. There is a certain magic to childhood and children’s theatre, which is far from a Disney perfection. But that’s the beauty. And don’t forget, the play requires one to think like a kid and in order to see the Narnia Chronichles, one has to let go a bit and imagine.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, GO!

A couple of tips:

1. The stage is set in a way that there is no point to pay extra for the premium seats, the view and sound is the same

2. Get the popcorn ahead of the performance, it will keep kids entertained and busy during the build up of the story

3. The characters enter from the main set of stairs, which is section A (in case you want a better view)



We are filming.

22 May

This weekend we’ll find out about all about why sports are fun, which sports are worth doing and what sports should other kids get involved with. All opinions from the kids themselves.

It’ll be fun.

All places are filled for this filming, but auditions are open for next time. Keep in touch and if you have a little sports hero, drop us a line!

ProSvet, an exhibition for Kids by Kids

21 May

ProSvet (About Light) is an exhibition for kids by kids. Hosted at Sotheby’s auction house in London next weekend 26-28 May 2012, the exhibition displays the artwork of children benefiting from the work of the Russian Podari Zhizn foundation.

The exhibition is titled “ProSvet (About Light)”, as each of the works on display reflects the theme of light. Dina Korzun, co-founder of the Gift of Life foundation says: “The main subject of the drawings is light, and the children have tried to express its essence through their bright, life-affirming works.”

The Y & O team is heading down to see the exhibition and take part in the workshops for kids, making paper lanterns and discussing the paintings. Hope you can join us there.

Here is what you can do with your kids next weekend – take them to see an inspiring exhibition: 26-28 of May 2012 Sotheby’s

The children whose work has been selected for the exhibition are presently undergoing lengthy and complex treatment for oncological and haematological diseases in clinics in Moscow and the surrounding region. Many are forced to spend months in hospital, where they discover remarkable creative abilities – they begin to draw, and to create collages and material art objects. Over the years of the foundation’s existence, it has been consistently demonstrated that the ability to be creative while in hospital is an important part of treating children. The young people stop seeing themselves as patients – as objects of pity and charity who are perpetually tied to their drips. They become authors who speak to the world on their own terms.

My favourite sport is…

17 May

Our Olympians are debating their favourite sports:

‘Tennis and my Scooter!’ says Athena

‘Ballet and Swimming!’ says Aphrodite

Cycling! Judo! Tennis! argue Zeus and Apollo

Which sport is the favourite with your kids?

Yummy & O.L.M.P.C is recording a number of interactive videos to find out