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Generation ‘S’ for Scooter: do you zip?

4 May

Kids have certainly gone mobile and not only on their parent’s iPads which they have now claimed as their own, but on their own modes of transport. It is also handy that their favourite mode of transport now comes in as many colours and models as an adult’s car. Pink, neon green, subtle blue, yellow or red, the choice is theirs. Yes, it’s the Scooters.

Colourful scooters and happy kids zip about the London streets all day long and smart parents have nothing else but to find a stylish matching solution… So fastforward 2 years, it’s not the car parking lots or the electrical parking charges – it’ll be the scooter lanes that we will need.

Yummy & Olympic is voting for Scootering as Britain’s favourite kid sport and Athena, the goddess of Exploring and Scooter certainly agrees:

Athena is wearing sportswear for kids by Yummy & O.L.M.P.C

Custom orders available now, please email

Full collection launching soon on


What Kids Want

27 Feb

Kids want Binganimal.

Described as ‘angry birds for kids’ by some, this newly launched game is part of the effort by the company to introduce engaging experiences for kids but with an educational element. Rather than pure consumption of the ‘angry birds’ which seem to have gripped the world, Binganimal allows parents to be involved by reviewing the cloud based ‘parent dashboard’, which holds the performance data for their kids and allows voice and features customisation.

Both kids love the game and love the split screen interface which allows then to play together. Highly recommended and available on all major mobile platforms.

I am counting down to 3

21 Feb

Numbers are powerful things, and when laid out in a specific way, they become irresistible. That way is a countdown.

Countdowns are the biggest cliff hangers of our time. A rocket launch? A penalty? A New Year’s celebration? A fashion show? A startup launch? A countdown is a must-have, no matter what, and in the true olympic spirit, we are counting down…

10 , 9 , 8 …

7 , 6 …

5 , 4 …

3 … Every kid and parent’s favourite: ‘I am counting to 3’

2 …..

Lately, even fashion events have tapped into the power of numbers. Burberry have placed a live countdown over the Cromwell Road flypass. You bet we are excited…

1 …

Finally, startups of the new century just must have a countdown…

And on that note, there are bright things ahead. We are counting down…

Head Teacher’s Award

10 Feb

It’s after a badge like this, that you realise that even when you are a grown up adult, even if you have your own company or are an employee, there is a higher authority. The Head Teacher. And their endorsement or consent is a bloody amazing occasion. It’s a happy Friday!

How to Not Lose your Kids – ‘Me Finder’

9 Jan

When kids come about, there are some inventions that every parent dreams of but thinks that it is only the premise of the books, that come as part of the childcare – fairytales.

So when one of the dreams materialises into an actual product, available to buy and affordable – the joy is overwhelming.

Such dream was to prevent kids from getting lost and Claire Bardener, a UK mother of 3 has found the answer. Claire has created a wristband, which holds key phone numbers, and enables kids to ask for help in case they are lost.

The screen holds up to five numbers and the kids can access select numbers one by one by simply pressing the button. More than that, the ‘Me Finder’ website has an array of useful activities and tools to teach kids about awareness and rehearse the logistics of emergency situations.

We think it’s such a simple and useful idea, that every parent should get one.

Wristbands are available for purchase at £14.99. More details on

And thank you to the Evening Standard for pointing this out to us!

A 12 year old app developer – we have stepped into a new age

17 Nov

Thomas Suarez did everyone a favour – he created an IPhone app called “Bustin Jeiber,” where you can freely release your anger in a whack-a-mole fashion on ‘moles’ closely resembling Justin Bieber with a mustache.

Now, he has an after-school class where the teaches his peers to build apps and use technology in a creative manner. With children embracing technology as such young age, a digital revolution seems to be growing up with our kids, all we need is a small but mighty leader.

With the words ‘Nowadays…, usually…, students know a little bit more than the teachers’, Thomas confidently  marches into the digital world of endless possibilities – age has never been a boundary.

Talk on

Scarlet M

Oink! Generation ‘P’ (P for Peppa Pig, of course)

15 Nov

Ask a parent of a 3-5 year old about their life without Peppa Pig and the answer would be ‘grim’. No lie-ins on weekends; long exhausting flights with kids getting frustrated by take off and bargaining getting to an all-time low.

Yes, it is that big of a deal. Kids and parents are ‘peppapigging’ it big time! Peppa Pig-owner Entertainment One more than doubled pre-tax profits to £19m in the six months to the end of September, growing revenues 26% year on year. The figures also showed 150,000 iPad downloads – the Peppa Pig generation have assimilated tablets into their daily routine with impeccable speed.

If there was one cartoon of the growing up generation, it’s gotta be the oinking family. And I am happy for that: a friendly, warm and very human touch, I would rather that, than the American dream of the Disney princesses and their doomed expectations of real estate, the prince and surreal amount of bling dresses.