Yummy & O.L.M.P.C sportswear is inspired by the legends of the greek gods and goddesses, who were the original ancient sportsmen. The brand draws on their personalities, special powers and competitive spirit to create the sports themed designs and stories.


Mischievous, fun and naughty, the Y & O characters mirror toddlers and young children: they think they know better, they want to show rather than learn. They strive for independence but in most cases they get it wrong. They want to dress themselves. They want to be the superheroes.

Apollo – a courageous superhero, God of Cycling, Tennis and Badminton, who impresses everyone with his boyish charm and athleticism. Great great grandson of the God of Light and Youth, Apollo is a ‘dude’ and loves to show off his athletic skills.

Athena – beautiful to the core, she is an Explorer, Goddess of Tennis and Scootering. Athena’s glamour is only upstaged by her opinions as she will fight to get her way, and almost always does!

Zeus – Overflowing with energy and action, Zeus is a God of Football, Scooter and Judo. He may be an olympian, but dinosaurs and cars just might be his biggest weaknesses.

Aphrodite – a talented ballerina, Aphrodite is a Goddess of Ballet, Gymnastics and Sailing. She is naturally elegant and graceful and loves twirling around to practice her moves.


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  1. Mascha September 1, 2011 at 3:35 pm #

    Love the blog…pls keep it coming. especially interesting the section about “Kid of the week” 🙂

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