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Why are you tired, you are at home the whole day!

28 Sep

It is the one question that puzzles dads who go to work every morning and come back ‘tired’ after work. It’s a question so many people who never had to look after kids just cannot fathom. Yet the question which is bound to drive every mother and child carer insane.

Picture this, like in the Hollywood movies where a person gets to be somebody else for a day, you wake up a CEO of a global company of some rocket science industry, but your company is in deep crisis, you don’t know what is wrong but the walls are shaking, your share price is rocketing down, the media are calling you every minute ready to shift a blame on you, your advisors are contradicting themselthes, nobody knows what is going on, your head is spinning, you don’t have a minute to even think of eating, you can’t sleep because the company crisis calls are ringing in your head. You have no idea when it is going to end, you go about life in a haze, constantly worried, starved of sleep, starved of any other thoughts, you can’t see friends…

And then you come home and your partner asks you ‘What on earth is wrong with you?? You don’t do anything the whole day, just sit at work!’

Every mother, father or childcarer is that confused overwhelmed CEO.