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The Paper Architect touch

29 Jul

by Maria Zherebtsova

When was the last time that, as a grown-up, you have been touched by magic? Well, it happened to me last Thursday at exactly 9pm, when I, together with a rather scared looking group of people, not more than 10 people in total, were ushered into a room made completely out of cardboard. Then, the lights went out and after two minutes I no longer remembered that I was in Leytonstone Library, but already somewhere far away. Curious thing – the mind!

The Paper Architect Leytonstone review

The Paper Architect Culture

The Paper Architect is a story of a creative person never being quite alone despite his worldly solitude and asceticism, of the infinite power of the mind to challenge the reality of what you “see”. It is a play about the fragility of this process and of the dangers of “real” life for someone with the power of imagination so vast that we can really make static paper objects come alive.

It is pure alchemy going on in front of your eyes. It is your own private magic.

The play touched me incredibly, to tears actually and not because it was incredibly sad (which I suppose it was), but because I really felt like a kid. They were the tears of awe.

Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust Award

Davy & Kristin McGuire

The Paper Architect


Boxing Day will be fun!

26 Dec

Conran store in South Kensington has created the most spectacular windows this Christmas. The pear shaped bells and giant balls evoked the true festive spirit and a real life Santa climbing the stores of the building was a favourite with kids.

Conran windows shopping Christmas


Now that the sale sign has gone up and the stunning designs are gone, a quick look at the goodies on sale. Do go, it’s a delight for the whole family.

Conran Christmas shopping

The store was decorated with neon signs and ultra modern lighting, signposting between Kids, Home, men, women and stocking fillers.

photo (67)

The kids section has a lot of retro inspired gifts from a Harmonica to cooking sets, Wizard of Oz book edition and great lighting for kids.

photo (68)

We were especially interested in spotting one of these: the socks for the young champions by Trumpette. Beautiful packaging http://www.trumpette.com/

photo (69)


Happy shopping on this Boxing Day!

A story about the Rainbow

15 May

All of a sudden, in the midst of rain and grey sky, there was a stunning rainbow, stretching all across London… we counted the colours as we were passing it by …

‘What is at the end of the rainbow?’ i hesitated for a while and then said… ‘beautiful white horses, running fast across the sky’

‘What next, what happened next’ cried the kids? I said: ‘The rainbow bursts into many wonderful colours and fills the sky and it becomes bright, sunny and colourful’

‘and then? what happens to the bubbles?’ ‘They float in the sky, higher and higher…’

‘like birds?’ ‘Yes, like birds, fast, elegant and free’

‘That is beautiful’ said the kids, still looking at the rainbow…

‘In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer’ Albert Camus

Chapter 2: Aphrodite inspires Athena to try out Ballet

9 May

Aphrodite was the Goddess of Ballet and Gymnastics. A graceful princess, she was returning from her ballet lessons at the cherry orchard, when she saw Athena and Apollo.

‘Hey Athena, the lesson was so much fun today. I was watching a video about my great great grandma Aphrodite, the goddess of Beauty and Youth. She was such a talented dancer, now i know whom i got my special moves from! It was the ‘Swan Lake’ that she was performing, she was wearing a white tutu and white feathers in her hair and moving so graciously across the stage in tiny fluttering steps (called Pas).. like this… see now i am doing first position, now it’s a curtesy and now a jump.

‘Aphrodite, you look beautiful, i wish i can dance like that as well!’

‘Well, we willl! I am rehearsing for the Olympic Ballet Performance in July, let’s meet at the cherry orchard. Do you have a tutu to wear?

‘A tutu?’ asked Athena

‘Yes, a tutu is a special dress that you wear for ballet. For rehearsals it’s quite simple, a stretchy tight body and a small light skirt, but at the actual performances there are just beautiful costumes. We can look through some of the most beautiful ones together?’

‘It sounds like fun! Yes, I would love to. I never tried Ballet before. Is it difficult?’

‘Oh, athena, it’s not difficult at all, but you have to pay attention and repeat after me. Before we learn to dance, you need to learn French. All the ballet moves are in French, because France is where the ballet was born’.

‘I can’t wait. Aphrodite what are the words I need to know?’

‘Ok. First: À la seconde. Comsa!

‘I really like  ‘A la seconde’ said Athena. Am I doing it right? What’s next?’

Oh next, my favourite! A ‘Grand Jeté’ – you do it comsa Athena: you jump up in the air and float gracefully before landing very quietly. You start from one leg and land on the other, it’s a split in the air. It is most often done forward and usually involves doing full leg splits in mid-air. It consists basically of a grand écart with a moving jump. I think. Got it?’

‘I think so shouted Athena happily, jumping high into the air…

Athena and Aphrodite are wearing sportswear for children by Yummy & O.L.M.P.C

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Generation ‘S’ for Scooter: do you zip?

4 May

Kids have certainly gone mobile and not only on their parent’s iPads which they have now claimed as their own, but on their own modes of transport. It is also handy that their favourite mode of transport now comes in as many colours and models as an adult’s car. Pink, neon green, subtle blue, yellow or red, the choice is theirs. Yes, it’s the Scooters.

Colourful scooters and happy kids zip about the London streets all day long and smart parents have nothing else but to find a stylish matching solution… So fastforward 2 years, it’s not the car parking lots or the electrical parking charges – it’ll be the scooter lanes that we will need.

Yummy & Olympic is voting for Scootering as Britain’s favourite kid sport and Athena, the goddess of Exploring and Scooter certainly agrees:

Athena is wearing sportswear for kids by Yummy & O.L.M.P.C

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Olympic Inspiration – Posters

29 Apr

Unlike books or paintings, posters have a unique talent of capturing the spirit that surrounds the pre-event hype. In a quirky combination of text, symbols and image, the posters are meant to idolize the matter so much so that a single glance will entice the viewer to follow.

This is why posters have always been an inspiration – unlike other mediums which loose the hightened ecstasy of expectation, posters always carry the spark. And these posters are no different – a rare collection of 1972 Munich Olympics posters uncovered by VintageSeekers.com :

Vintage poster advertising the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany. The artist Charles Lapique has created a poster that features several Olympic events, using motifs of the Ancient Olympic Games in a modern style.

(More posters and details on http://www.vintageseekers.com/collectibles/vintage-sport-posters )

Aphrodite, goddess of Ballet and Fashion

19 Apr

Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty. A vision in pink, she loves everybody and everybody loves her! Aphrodite is a talented ballerina. She is naturally elegant and graceful and loves twirling around to practice her dance moves. But don’t be fooled by her looks, she is a tough cookie and when age and experience permits, will poll for a presidential princess.

Aphrodite likes to make everywhere around her look just as great as she does, so she loves decorating, painting, drawing princesses and adding sparkles. Aphrodite is a true fashionista, she dresses herself and always knows best on how to mix and match. An absolute goddess in pink.

Aphrodite is wearing elegant sportswear for kids by Yummy & O.L.M.P.C

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